An overview of the Hedge4 arbitrage software

hedge4 arbitrage software

I. Features of Hedge4

II. Open-source analysis of Hedge4 software.

III. Conclusions.

Features of Hedge4.

My great regret is that  I was not able to use the free fourteen-day version to test the software. On the corresponding page of the site, when entering the requested data, it constantly sends you to the error page with the imaginary misspelled captcha. When contacting the developers on  Skype, indicated on the site, the answer is complete silence. It seems that technical support is not available. Therefore, the review of Hedge4 I will do from public sources.


CHARACTERISTICS OF HEDGE 4 (version)Hedge4.05p (DEMO)Hedge4.91p
Available currency positions120
Maximum number of open positions3030
Realization of spread in real time++
Minimum of realization of spread in real time++
Configurable tables+
Forced automatic closing function++
Slippage correction function++
Buy or Sell only function+
Only Buy or Sell for each account+
Customizable Trend Indicator (NEW)+
Trade Feature Connection+
Limit or market order execution (NEW)+
Advanced Settings+
Group settings+
Hedging strategy after confirmation++
Instant hedging strategy (DelMode)++
Customizable Quick Access Buttons+
Account suspension feature+
Advanced admin panel display+
Time and date display+
Free margin display+
Stop Loss (NEW)+
Take Profit (NEW)+
Trailing Stop function (NEW)+
CloseTime function+
Automatic Closing Maximum Loss Function (NEW)+
Reset Platform with a Single Click+
Change default values from the platform+
Customizable trading hours+
Button to close all positions+
Delete canceled trades” button+
Archive function (NEW)+
Configurable ECN Commission Integration+
Customizable lot sizes+
Auto Scroll+
Add open  trades to AutoTrades++
Add closed trades to AutoTrades++

Judging by the descriptions in the table, the software has the ability to work simultaneously with twenty currency pairs, open up to 30 positions simultaneously, place pending orders or work at market prices, set stop-loss, take-profit and trailing stop. 

Crypto arbitrage with Hedge4. The software can be used to find arbitrage situations in cryptocurrency pairs such as BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, and others. Hedge4 uses high-frequency trading, hedged arbitrage, and delayed arbitrage.

Hedged arbitrage – also called two-step arbitrage, which speculates on price differences between brokers. 

Delayed Arbitrage – uses the vulnerabilities of a fast and a slow broker. A price is taken from the faster broker and trade is opened in the account of the slower broker.

The seller’s website has links to videos that explain how to set up the software, how to set up new demo accounts, how to set up the platform, and how to reload the platform.

Analysis of Hedge4 software from open sources

There are no positive or negative reviews about the company in open sources. The site is over 10 years old at the time of my review, so it is very strange that there are no reviews online. I got the impression that the company’s website is offline, there is no technical support, and there are no software sales either.


The arbitrage software Hedge4 cannot be attributed to the market leaders even if I wanted to. According to the seller, there are only two arbitrage strategies for high-frequency trading, and it’s impossible to test their performance due to the total lack of technical support. The standard set of features is found in almost all arbitrage software. There are no unique proprietary features in Hedge4, with which the seller could interest potential customers.

 The advantage of the software Hedge4 consists only of two standard trading strategies, the effectiveness of which cannot be tested.

The disadvantages – are the lack of technical support, no demo version available for download, and no reviews for 10 years of work.

Hedge4 software does not deserve any attention by any parameters. Do not stop, go further – only time will be lost.

Sitio web:

Experts review
  • Profitability - 3.1/10
  • Safety of use - 5.3/10
  • Execution speed - 6.7/10
  • Сamouflage options - 0.4/10
  • Customer support - 1.7/10
  • Usability - 5.3/10
  • Multifunctionality - 1.6/10
User Review
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