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I. What New Hope Inc. offers.

II. Open-source analysis of New Hope Inc.

III. Conclusions.

What New Hope Inc.

At first glance, the company offers a wide range of software used in trading financial and cryptocurrency markets. There are several software packages available for purchase. Let’s take a closer look at the software packages available for purchase.

1. New Logic trading robots worth $15,000. A new set of robots that allows you to trade without borders. Brokers do not block client trading accounts. This product is designed for long-term trading. First of all, this system was developed for companies, corporations, and hedge funds. The system shows excellent results with large deposits. “New Logic” does not allow brokers to block this system. This package consists of two robots that are often used as a joint trading solution: Hidden (New Logic) and 2Leg (New Logic). The linked robots system trades different volumes simultaneously and many trades have no counter orders. Testing over several months shows that brokers are loyal to such trading. The price includes work with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

2. Trade signal. The cost is from $100 to $1000. New Hope Signal is a new company product where the client receives trading signals from New Hope Inc. trading robots for different instruments. Signals are transmitted currently only through telegram messenger. The company provides trading signals for all instruments and different trading platforms, such as Meta Trader, Binance Crypto Exchanges, stock exchanges, and trading applications.

Three groups of signals have different potential and approaches to trading.

Group A at a cost of $100.

Group B is valued at $500 USD.

Group C at a cost of 1000 USD.

The company provides two types of trading signals, which can be obtained:

– marked NOW – these are orders for scalping, where you have to open a trade immediately after its publication.

– unmarked. As a rule, it is a medium-term deal that can be placed in advance.

All trading signals are issued with a stop-loss and take-profit, but it is recommended to use a trailing stop or to transfer transactions to Breakeven when a certain profit is reached.

3. “Advanced Trader” – a set of trading robots worth $5,000.  The package includes:

  • New Hope INSIDE PRO Classic/Hidden
  • New Hope INSIDE Classic/Hidden/2Leg
  • New Hope INSIDE Crypto/Hidden/2Leg
  • New Hope FIX API Classic/Hidden/2Leg

According to New Hope Inc. – is the most profitable and high-tech trading system, the PRO-version is fully managed from a personal account, you can control risks and trade from your smartphone. There are no analogues on the market. INSIDE technology allows you to perform millisecond trading operations without delay, bypassing many cycles of Windows and Meta Trader terminal, a separate program runs on Meta Trader protocols, bypasses broker plugins, the information panel helps to determine the performance of the broker immediately. FIX API – a separate program for trading on FIX API accounts, allows you to trade directly with the liquidity provider, bypassing the broker.

INSIDE technology used in the package:

New Hope INSIDE Hidden 2Leg

New Hope INSIDE Classic

New Hope INSIDE Hidden

New Hope Quotes Feed.

New Hope Inc. has managed to increase the profitability and safety of its forex advisors thanks to the introduction of new technologies in new robots. Profitability increased up to 200% per month, and intelligent technology PreSafe Logic can protect clients’ deposits from losses and hidden manipulations of brokers. Such as example, slippage, poor performance, or trading on non-existent quotes.

New Hope Black Swan. The package includes 3 main types of trading robots with different strategies for forex trading. These robots use their own software to communicate with the broker, and the whole trading process takes place inside this software, which means that there is no need to use the Meta Trader terminal to trade.

Main advantages:

All of the trading systems in the Black Swan package are based on the latest Meta Trader protocols, so the robots offer the following advantages:

Trades and orders are masked as manually opened.  The broker sees it and thinks that the client trades manually. The work of trading robots remains invisible;

The speed of opening and closing orders;

Protection of the client’s deposit in PreSafe Logic;

The system of recognition of the broker’s plugins.

Robots trading strategies:

Classic Arbitrage Robot

A classic strategy where fast and slow quotes are compared. Because the robot receives quotes faster than the broker, the client can increase his income. This strategy is considered relatively old and is used much less frequently than it used to be. However, brokers with clients who make money using this strategy also exist. With this in mind, the classic version of trading robots additionally uses a trend-holding strategy. You can customize this robot by changing the default settings. This version is absolutely simple to use in practice and has many advantages. For example, long-term trades where the profit can reach 100 percent.

Hidden Arbitrage Robot

This is the leader and the best New Hope Inc. robot of the last few years because of its unique strategy. The strategy, which was developed and fully implemented in 2018, has the following general advantages: trades of any duration, no simultaneous entry and exit points, and the signal is processed against its direction. Recently, many clients are switching to this strategy because it is much better in terms of hiding high-frequency trading.

Also among the strengths of this robot is the absence of similar strategies in the forex market, which allows you to work seamlessly with brokers even in sectors where trading conditions were previously changed due to other traders’ work with classic arbitrage.

Hidden 2Leg.

This variation of the trading system is similar to Hidden. However, its main difference is that trading takes place between two trading accounts. Two accounts can be at one broker or at different ones. For example, when dealing with one broker, a client can open an account for himself and another one for his friend, so that the client has the opportunity to trade between the two accounts. The system will automatically equalize the balances in both accounts, so the benefit will increase equally for each account. It is also possible to use two different brokers. Many traders try to apply this strategy only when the Hidden strategy cannot be used (when it is forbidden by the broker).

4. “Confident trader” – a set of trading robots with the cost of 2000 US dollars.  This package includes the following trading robots:

New Hope Hidden

New Hope Crypto/Hidden

New Hope Crypto/Classic.

According to the company, this is an excellent high-yield package of robots for confident users. There is an opportunity to trade with Hidden technology that allows you to increase income and hide arbitrage trading from the broker. Also included is the ability to trade cryptocurrency instruments using the classic method and Hidden on Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5 platforms. The main advantage is the ability to trade shares of global companies. In this build, the client receives fast quotations of cryptocurrencies, stocks, and standard instruments.

5. “Beginner Trader” – a set of trading robots costing from $500 to $800 depending on the configuration.  The package includes the following robots:

New Hope Classic

New Hope Clicker

New Hope cTrader.

This package of robots is ideal for beginner traders. Robots are very easy to install and show high yield. They stably work with Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, cTrader on any online platforms. 

With New Hope, Clicker clients can easily trade binary options on all types of online platforms that use One Click Trading, which allows for one-click trading.

cTrader classic uses classic arbitrage, which compares fast and slow quotes. Due to the fact that the robot receives quotes faster than the broker, the robot earns money. The strategy is considered quite old and is rarely used anymore, but there are still brokers whose clients earn with this strategy. This version also has an additional trend-holding strategy. The client can install the robot and change the settings. It is extremely easy to use and has many advantages, among which the use of long trades, the profit from which can reach 100 pips. Many people try to use this robot only when the Hidden strategy cannot be used due to a prohibition by the broker.

6. Robot using FIX API protocol, without the use of Meta Trader protocols, cost $3,000.

         The Open API protocol or FIX API is designed for exchanging financial information. This protocol was specifically designed for financial markets to transmit large amounts of information as quickly as possible. It is now used by the vast majority of market participants to establish communication between computer systems and is, in fact, a communication standard.

Any trader with a high-frequency trading strategy seeks to reduce delays in receiving data, as well as in processing, forming, and sending an order to open a trade. The only reliable method is to create your own trading program that communicates with the trading server based on open or closed protocols.

For the popular Meta Trader 4 and 5 programs that have their own private communication protocol, the communication protocol has been decrypted and New Hope Inside robots have been developed for MT4 and MT5. New Hope FIX API robots were developed for the open FIX API protocol. Each version has its own features and trading options. The distinguishing feature of trading on the FIX API protocol is the high profitability and absence of plugins.

Analysis by New Hope Inc. from public sources

The company’s website offers detailed videos on the installation and use of the products offered in English and Russian. There is a FAQ with frequently asked questions. The company has no demo versions of the software, you can test real trading only after purchase. The company promises to help with installation and setup after purchasing any of the software packages. There is even an opportunity for a refund if the client is not satisfied with the purchased product.

The age of the website at the time of writing the review is 4 years and 15 days. At the same time, the quality index of the website in Yandex is 800 – an impressive figure which evokes trust in New Hope Inc. and its products.

There are numerous entries and discussions of the company and its products on various review resources and trading forums. The discussions and reviews are overwhelmingly positive. At the link, everyone can read the monitoring of the trading activity of the trading programs from New Hope Inc.


The software from New Hope Inc. is noteworthy, which is confirmed by trade monitoring on public resources. The disadvantages include the fact that the software for the most part consists of small separate programs that do their own thing. It would be possible to combine them into a single software package for sale so that customers could work comfortably. This disadvantage is quite conditional because, after the purchase, the customer gets help to install and configure. There is no possibility to test the demo account. This disadvantage is covered by trade monitoring on open resources.

The software from New Hope Inc. is one of the leaders in the arbitrage trading market. website:

Experts review
  • Profitability - 2.1/10
  • Safety of use - 5.6/10
  • Execution speed - 3.5/10
  • Сamouflage options - - 4.6/10
  • Usability - 3.9/10
  • Customer support - 0.6/10
  • Multifunctionality - 0.7/10
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  • Avatar
    Arnulfo Marks I novembro 29, 2022 @ 1:13 pm

    Review of

    To date, the company has been on the market for over 4 years.
    The trading results of its products can be seen at, where eighty-seven(!) accounts based on the company’s products offered for purchase are presented. The company specializes in arbitrage trading using various arbitrage trading strategies and has several products ranging in price from $500 to $5000. All the products that can offer today are Trading robots “New Logic”, Expert Trader – trading robots software set, Confident Trader – trading robots software set, Novice Trader – trading robots software set, Protocols MetaTrader – FREEDOM.
    There yet is to be a demo or trial version of the products, although they promised to do it in a week. Therefore, I use only the feedback of other users who have tried the effects of this company and the posted trading results on real accounts.
    The product received by the end user is not a “boxed version” – put it on and you can get in line to buy an island in Oceania. The resulting software requires customization for different brokers and account types. This is the main highlight of all products. Even with the software in place – without customization and support, profits will be hard to achieve. The company has support on its website, although it is not always possible to catch it on the spot.
    When purchasing products, be prepared to work with support to set up a profitable software configuration, broker, and account type. Of all the arbitrage trading companies available on the market, this is one of the best, albeit with its quirks.

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