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A bit of history

HFT Arbitrage Platform was developed for a large institutional level player in the Forex market by a team of professionals, which includes experts from different spheres such as trading, applied mathematics, and of course, high-level programmers.  The developers initially had the opportunity to adapt arbitrage strategies, filling the arbitrage platform to changes in forex and cryptocurrency markets. I.e. the task was to create a forex arbitrage robot and crypto arbitrage bot in one shell.  The second general idea was to achieve the ability to find arbitrage situations between different trading platforms for forex and cryptocurrencies. 

Alex D. Institutional forex trader “…HFT Arbitrage Platform exceeded all my expectations and its capabilities are impressive…I’m glad we did it!

HFT Arbitrage Platform became available for retail traders due to the fact that the developers of this arbitrage program see their goal to change the unfair conditions prevailing in the Forex market due to the fact that most Forex brokers are involved in an honest business, based on putting all sorts of obstacles to the trader to gain profit. For the same reason, we sell our product for cryptocurrency which allows us to serve our clients without being under pressure from brokerage companies and also allows our clients to stay anonymous. 

HFT Arbitrage Platform – Feature Overview

HFT Arbitrage Platform by default has built-in connectors to almost all known forex trading companies: MT 4/5, cTrader via FIX API, Rithmic via RAPI, 45+ FIX API connectors… and all popular crypto exchanges (25+ crypto connectors are included): Binance, Kraken, Huobi, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitstamp… And the connectors were created not only for cryptocurrency arbitrage on the spot market but on the futures market of cryptocurrencies too. All connections are optimized by our experts and allow reaching the highest possible order execution speed and hence the lowest possible slippage.

HFT Arbitrage Platform – Strategies

Every experienced arbitrage trader knows that speed of order sending is of paramount importance for arbitrage trading, but I would call the second most important condition of success the algorithm of arbitrage strategies. Gone are the days when any trader could buy latency arbitrage ea and win thousands of percent. Brokerage companies in the Forex market are investing tens of thousands in programming their anti-arbitrage plug-ins or buying those that have already become popular among traders, not only at the expense of commissions but also at the expense of traders losses. That’s why a professional arbitrage platform should include several arbitrage strategies allowing a trader to operate long enough without being noticed and without changing the brokerage company.

What strategies are included?

One Leg or latency arbitrage – this arbitrage strategy will be useful for traders in two categories:

Arbitrage Traders in the forex market with small deposits of $100-$2,000 who want to earn quickly and are not afraid of having to change brokerage companies very often.

Chen A. retail forex rider “…Thank you so much for developing latency arbitrage program latency arbitrage ea, which allows me to earn steadily for several months now…”

Arbitrage Traders in the cryptocurrency market prefer to keep a deposit in one reliable cryptocurrency like BTC, USDT, or ETH and trade only long and short-term positions on altcoins.

Hedge – this arbitrage strategy will also be useful to traders of two categories:

  • Forex arbitrage traders with deposits of $25,000 or more who prefer FIX API accounts to reduce the risk of slippage by using IOC or FOK Limit orders.
  • Crypto arbitrage traders who prefer to compare cryptocurrency prices between different crypto exchanges and are not afraid to hold funds in different cryptocurrencies and altcoins. 

Several types of latency arbitrage with a source of fast quotes and with hedging on two accounts. These strategies are not suitable for arbitrage trading on the cryptocurrency market, but they do a great job for arbitrage trading on the forex market and are equally successful for traders with small deposits from $200 and traders with large deposits.

I would like to dwell on strategy 2 Legs Latency 3 – this strategy is the most disguised arbitrage in the Forex market. It completely imitates manual trading by a trader, which has nothing to do with arbitrage and cannot be defined by any of the currently existing plugins. We do not want to reveal the idea of this arbitrage strategy for two reasons – first, we are afraid of replicating the arbitrage strategy by our competitors and spreading it to the masses, to the detriment of our clients and us. Secondly, we do not want to allow forex brokers to create plugins that can detect this arbitrage strategy and prevent it from being applied. 

Max K. Forex Trader “…I’m impressed with the idea behind 2 Legs Latency 3. I’m glad to cooperate with the team and thank you for the excellent technical support and the knowledge I’ve gained from the software…”


HFT Arbitrage Platform is the most advanced and professional platform for arbitrage trading, which until recently was not available on the market and was the property of institutional traders. The program has no analogs on the market and is a unique development that allows traders of different levels of knowledge and financial capabilities to enter quickly enough into the 3% of elite traders in the Forex and Crypto-currency market.

More information about HFT Arbitrage Platform: https://hftarbitrageplatform.com

Experts review
  • Profitability - 9.8/10
  • Safety of use - 9.6/10
  • Execution speed - 9.7/10
  • Сamouflage options - 9.5/10
  • Customer support - 9/10
  • Usability - 9.1/10
  • Multifunctionality - 9.8/10
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  • Avatar
    Demond Bahringer Oktober 1, 2022 @ 10:01 am

    Good arbitrage software
    I am a long-term customer of HFT and have been utilising their software for over 2 years now. I buy all my standard products through them from latency to hft trade copier. I have been very pleased with some of the non-standard versions so far, especially HFT Platfrom, which I have been using for quite some time now and still have not explored everything available to me as a trader, and I am already profitable. HFT Arbitrage platform allowed me to mix my strategies, and not be stuck with using one software constantly, and I have noticed progress and strengthening of my portfolio as well as longer experiences with the broker.

    Thanks, guys!

  • Avatar
    Alize Block November 29, 2022 @ 1:13 pm

    HFT Arbitrage platform is really professional latency arbitrage software with several built-in arbitrage bots for cryptocurrencies arbitrage and forex arbitrage. My personal recommendations.

  • Avatar
    Mrs. Josefina Nienow November 29, 2022 @ 1:13 pm

    HFT latency arbitrage is, in my opinion, the most effective latency arbitrage program available today. I have tested many products and therefore I can draw this conclusion. I would most like to highlight the 2legs latency 1 strategy, which allows you to mask arbitrage well when using two accounts even with the same broker. 2legs latency 3 is more difficult to set up although it has great potential. My special thanks to Serg from the support department who helped me to install and configure the program.

    I have not been able to use latency 1 arbitrage to work with FTMO because of the high slippage, but the work of the program on other brokerage companies has shown an excellent profit. Also managed to find a prop company and passed the contest. Support is fast through the ticket system but not enough phone support.

    I purchased the full HFT arbitrage platform package 2 months ago after testing the demo version. The arbitrage platform works great and is profitable. The support team recommended VPS and brokerage companies to start with. The program’s price is reasonable and quickly pays for itself even with a small deposit. I have no problems with customer support, they do not do anything wrong. After several disappointments with other arbitrage robots, I finally found one that is completely satisfying. Thanks to the team at hft.

  • Avatar
    Stephan Welch November 29, 2022 @ 1:13 pm

    The HFT Arbitrage Platform software works!
    I saw a few reviews talking about the software being profitable only before the broker deduces that you are using such latency arbitrage software. I just wanted to leave a comment and enlighten those that think this way. Why would the broker actively seek to create worse trading conditions for you if the software wasn’t working? After seeing these reviews, that was a clear indication that I should purchase the software, as clearly if the broker doesn’t like it, then it is a good one. On some brokers I was spotted quickly, on others it took quite some time, and the HFT team was extremely responsible for my needs. I got recommendations and directions and advice from HFT’s experienced team and have been making money profitably while paying attention to my trading conditions and taking forex broker for arbitrage selections seriously. When I and my partners first began working with HFT, we made good money over a few months, and then had no returns for quite some time, after which we became profitable gain. It is important to have patience and not blame developers for our own inexperienced nature. This experience however allowed us to remain profitable in the long run, and periods, where money isn’t made, are normal in any business. The only thing I wished for after using HFT-developed tools is finding out about their company, software, and learning materials sooner, and not wasting my time on scammers, influencers, and various workshops.

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