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Review of New Hope Trader software from New Hope Inc.

New Hope Trader software In November 2022, New Hope Inc. launched the beta testing of its new New Hope Trader software, which I was also able to test. The software in this version is available in four languages – English, Russian, Italian, and Chinese. In the future, we are planning to increase the range of […]

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Black Arbitrage Expert Advisor review &  Triangular Arbitrage Expert Advisor review

Black Arbitrage Expert Advisor Considering the capabilities of an Expert Advisor before buying it and installing it on a real account is the basis of success in the market. It’s no secret that 90% of robots sold will bring the buyer nothing but losses. There are several pitfalls, such as broker’s commissions, and slippage at […]

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hft arbitrage software

HFT Arbitrage Platform – review

A bit of history HFT Arbitrage Platform was developed for a large institutional level player in the Forex market by a team of professionals, which includes experts from different spheres such as trading, applied mathematics, and of course, high-level programmers.  The developers initially had the opportunity to adapt arbitrage strategies, filling the arbitrage platform to […]

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hedge4 arbitrage software

An overview of the Hedge4 arbitrage software

I. Features of Hedge4 II. Open-source analysis of Hedge4 software. III. Conclusions. Features of Hedge4. My great regret is that  I was not able to use the free fourteen-day version to test the software. On the corresponding page of the site, when entering the requested data, it constantly sends you to the error page with […]

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daas arbitrage software

DAAS Arbitrage Software Review

I. Arbitrage strategies. II. DAAS capabilities. III. Conclusions. DAAS Built-in Arbitrage strategies Arbitrage trading is a type of trading with minimal risks, aimed at getting profit using simultaneous buying of assets on one trading floor and its selling on another one or using different instruments on the same trading floor. Arbitrage trading is based on […]

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