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Black Arbitrage Expert Advisor

Considering the capabilities of an Expert Advisor before buying it and installing it on a real account is the basis of success in the market. It’s no secret that 90% of robots sold will bring the buyer nothing but losses. There are several pitfalls, such as broker’s commissions, and slippage at opening and closing trades. These pitfalls cannot be seen during testing; they already come to the surface in actual trading. Therefore, the profitability of the Expert Advisor under consideration should be taken with allowance for the nuances of actual trading. Every expert, depending on the trading system used, every expert also has its pitfalls, which should be detected at the stage of acquaintance with the expert, so as not to be agonizingly hurt later for the money spent on buying the expert and for the money lost on the deposit. 

The Black Arbitrage Expert Advisor is for sale at

for $79. There is no possibility to rent an Expert Advisor for testing it on a real account. Its author is Ruslan Pishun. It is intended for installation on the MT5® terminal.

         Black Arbitrage uses 6 strategies. There are no descriptions of the strategies used. Since the Expert Advisor is intended for working with a single broker, it most probably uses triangular arbitrage. Trading is done in pairs of several currencies simultaneously. The Expert Advisor opens trades on two or more pairs simultaneously and closes them when a certain profit is achieved. Trading is carried out on twenty-six major currency pairs, such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPAUD, USDCAD, GBPCAD, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURGBP, EURJPY, GBPCHF, NZDUSD, GBPNZD, EURCHF, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, NZDCHF, NZDJPY, CHFJPY, CADJPY, CADCHF, AUDNZD, EURNZD.

         In the Expert Advisor settings, you can enable or disable any of the used strategies, as well as disable trading on any of the currency pairs. The Expert Advisor has its information panel, it is possible to disable trading by days of the week or intraday, and to change the off time on Fridays.

Triangular Arbitrage Expert Advisor

The Triangular arbitrage Expert Advisor is sold at for $750. You can rent it for a year to test the Expert Advisor on a real account for $ 350. The author – is Vladimir Khlystov.

I would like to note right away the author’s active support in choosing his Expert Advisors for testing and buying. He has a version of the Expert Advisor for installation on a demo account for testing, his own telegram channel and his website where all the author’s products are presented and the prices are much more affordable than on On the author’s website, the Triangular arbitrage Expert Advisor can be purchased for 15000 rubles, or rented for 1 year for 9500 rubles.

         The Expert Advisor uses Triangular arbitrage – simultaneous opening of orders for three currency pairs. The direction of trades and pairs are chosen in such a way that the simultaneously opened positions are insured by each other. This allows the trader to open sufficiently large lots, and the risk is insignificant.

Variants of triangles:


The orders included in such a triangle are in constant motion. The Expert Advisor analyzes real prices at the moment and calculates what they should be. If these values diverge from the calculated ones by a given value, the Expert Advisor opens three trades.

Example Strategy:

  1. Buy EUR currency for GBP currency – EURGBP BUY
  2. Buy GBP currency for USD currency – GBPUSD BUY
  3. Buy USD currency for EUR currency – EURUSD SELL.

The sum of profits for all currencies is both positive and negative, being within large bounds even in a very volatile market. The Expert Advisor monitors currency movements and closes all three with total profit at the right time.

           As a result, no matter which way the price moves – the trader is always insured against big losses! The essence of this strategy is that it can withstand any irreversible movement, and the deposit will not suffer. If the risks are calculated correctly, it is an unsinkable system!

The results of the back-test of Black Arbitrage

To perform a back-test, the author, in the description of the Expert Advisor, has laid out several parameters recommended for proper testing and also showed how to do it in the attached video. I adjusted them all according to the recommendations: 

I chose a test period of almost 3 years – from 01.01.2020 to 02.11.2022. The test took about 3 hours. In the output I got the following results:

During the testing period, the net loss from the initial deposit of $1000 was $868.03, and the maximum drawdown of the balance was 95.14%. I analyzed the work of the Expert Advisor by the example of some of its trades.

Unfortunately, the Expert Advisor does not have a version that can be installed on a demo account for testing, so I based my review on the results of the backtests. The above screenshot shows that all six strategies of the Expert Advisor work, trades are opened on the traded currency pairs. The Black Arbitrage Expert Advisor opens trades on the triangular arbitrage principle and may hold them for several days, as evidenced by the accrued swap on some positions. When the stop loss is reached, the trades are closed. What parameters are used by the Expert Advisor to close profitable trades is not quite clear – there are no comments on such trades.

A day later I looked at the results of his trade. The Expert Advisor earned 6 cents on a $1,000 deposit, including commissions and losses on trading minimum volumes.

The profitability is not fantastic, however, given the triangular arbitrage strategy and the ability to increase the volume of transactions – you can adjust the settings to achieve a higher return. For the history test of the Expert Advisor, I chose the same 3 years – from 01.01.2020 to 02.11.2022. The test took about 20 minutes. I got the following results:

During the testing period, the net profit made $469.43 from the initial deposit of $1000, and the maximal drawdown on the balance was 20.99%. Unpleasant residue remained from the fact that the Expert Advisor can keep triangles open for a very long time until the trades are in the black. However, in the trade settings, you can set the Loss_Close parameter – the percentage loss of the balance at which all positions will be closed.

Analysis of the Expert Advisor Black Arbitrage from public sources

There are no reviews of the Black Arbitrage Expert Advisor on the net, except for the trading platform There is five stars review in the expert’s thread on the platform with no comment on the review.

The expert was published on July 3, 2019, and has undergone five minor edits since then. Version 1.72 is currently for sale. The author has published a fairly large monitoring list of his signals, but there is no monitoring for Black Arbitrage.

 There is no possibility of a refund for the purchase if the client is not satisfied with the purchased product.

Analysis of the Expert Advisor Triangular arbitrage from public sources

The Triangular arbitrage Expert Advisor was published at on August 03, 2021. The version marked as 1.0 has not been edited for this time, which may mean two things – either the Expert Advisor is already very well written, or the author does not deal with his Expert Advisor, I would lean towards the first version.  There have been 4 reviews since then – one for 5 stars and three one-star reviews. This suggests that not all customers are happy with the purchase. 

An analysis of the author’s site inspires confidence. Age site 10 years 7 months 29 days, index Yandex = 200, the index and attendance are quite high. Reviews on the network are mixed with about a million programmer and their products. 


The Black Arbitrage Expert Advisor shows a huge drawdown of 95.14% on the test. Given the pitfalls of trading that were not taken into consideration during testing, it is very likely that the buyer of this Expert Advisor is going to fail. During 3 years and 4 months of publishing, there has been almost no feedback it is not popular. I would not recommend buying or using this EA either. Not a very good one for arbitrage trading. 

The Triangular arbitrage Expert Advisor by comparison looks much better than its competitor.  It has a version for testing on a demo account before buying, a script for selecting trading pairs, and the friendly support of the EA’s author. The customer reviews are mixed – most likely because brokers are struggling with arbitrage trading systems, but there is still room for arbitrage situations on strong currency pair fluctuations. I would recommend studying and trying Triangular arbitrage on your own – there is an opportunity to make money here.

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